Wound Care

Why Wound Care?

A wound is a broad term, used to describe a breakdown in the tissue in one or more parts of your body. When it comes to the feet, there are generally three causes of wounds:


  • Direct trauma
  • ischaemic ulcers
  • diabetic foot ulcers

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Direct Trauma

as the name suggest this is generally caused as a result of trauma to a localised area of your feet, whether intentional or not. for example, In-growing toe nails, post nail surgery or a heavy item dropping on your foot causing the skin to break.

Ischaemic Ulcers

This generally refers to a breakdown in the tissue as a result of limited blood flow throughout a specific part of the body. The important thing to remember is the further away from the body you get, the more narrow the vessels become. As a result, your hands and feet are the most susceptible to ischaemic ulcers than any other parts of your body. The rationale behind this is that not enough nutrients and minerals and other things that help the skin stay healthy and strong are being delivered to those areas, resulting in tissue breakdown.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

it is well known that some unfortunate diabetics end up having to have amputations on one or more parts of their feet. The most common reason by far, is as a direct result of diabetic foot ulcers. Usually wounds that appear on high pressure areas of your feet, mainly bony prominences.

Treatment Options

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The overall consensus of Wound Care is to give the wounds the healthiest environment possible for it to heal at its most optimal rate. In order to achieve this, there is a multitude of dressings that help create this environment, depending on the wound type and stage of healing. The other thing that is often overlooked, is using orthotics and padding to digress high areas of pressure away from a specific point on your feet. With that said, the best option for long-term wound care is usually within an NHS hospital or an outpatient community clinic due to the frequency of your visits and access to different specialisms such as vascular consultants, diabetic consultants and an overall multidisciplinary team.