Verruca Treatment

Introduction to VP’s.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to Verruca’s and you may find getting rid of them to be virtually impossible. The truth is, there is no one treatment out that works 100% on all patients. However, the good news is, in my experience there are treatments that have proven to be a lot more effective than others. We’ll discuss these as we go along.

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Causes of Verrucae

If you’re successfully going to get rid of a Verruca, you first need to understand what a verruca is and its nature. Many people view verruca’s as external growths (like corns or callous) that occur on your feet, usually after being exposed in wet damp areas, such as a swimming pool. To some extent, this assumption would be correct. However, verruca’s do not originate as external growths. They are actually subcutaneous (sub – meaning under; and cutaneous – meaning skin) viruses, from the same family as warts, called the human papillomavirus. Unlike bacterial infections, viruses are extremely clever at hiding from your immune system, making them very difficult to be discovered and remedied by your immune system. Children usually have the easiest time getting rid of verrucae with the elderly having the toughest time.

Treatment Options


With that said, the first thing that needs to be assessed is your body’s immune function. Suffering from conditions such as Diabetes, HIV, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Cancer can significantly reduce your body’s ability to combat verruca’s.  As being on a certain medication that suppresses your immune system, such as steroids and cancer treatments. My first recommendation to anybody with verrucae would boost your immune function with multivitamins, specifically Zinc supplements. Certain studies have shown that the use of Zinc increases your chance of remedying verrucae by up to 87%.

Secondary to this, we offer a range of verruca treatments to majorly increase the time it takes to combat verruca’s. See Below:

  • Dry Needling

This Involves an application Local Anaesthetic, followed by penetration of the verruca using an acupuncture type needling technique. This works extremely well for stubborn verruca’s by encouraging a localised immune response (a rush of white blood cells to the area of verruca’s), thus increasing the chance viral discovery.

  • Cryotherapy

Involves the freezing of Verruca’s using, a special kind of gas contained within a canister. For the most effective results, several applications are required.

  • Duct Tape Therapy

There are several videos on YouTube regarding this homeopathic technique. The analogy behind this technique is to stifle or suffocate the Verruca and cut off its blood supply. Due to the sticky and occluding nature of duct tape, there’s no better material to achieve this. But few get this technique right, to where It actually gets you the results you want. We apply the duct tape for you, secure it further, and bring you back in to remove it, in the most effective time period. The end result is a white perforated (but smelly) area of dying verruca(s).

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