Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure

We offer a range of unique foot care treatments which also include medical pedicures.

Using specialist tools our medical pedicure gives exceptionally long lasting results for beautifully healthy feet.

Toenails and cuticle treatments are provided as well as tackling those hard corns, and dry skin, leaving your feet feeling brand new.

The medical pedicure is a non-invasive treatment carried out by our professional podiatrists.

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What should I expect during a Medical Pedicure?

Our medical pedicure is performed on a dry foot, unlike our regular pedicure. We focus on the hygienic and aesthetic care of the toenails as well as the soles of the feet meaning all our equipment is sterilised in between treatments.

Standards exceed OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

We start the medical pedicure with toenail trimming, cuticle treatment and buffing of the nails to provide a fresh healthy look.

We then follow this up with removing any corns, calluses and hard or dry skin.

Once we are happy all excess has been removed, we then provide deep exfoliation while performing a relaxing foot massage.

We will also ensure there is no underlying issues that we need to be aware of, such as biomechanical problems.

Your feet should be left feeling fresh and smooth for up to 10 weeks.

The benefits of choosing Finchley Foot Clinic for your Medical Pedicure

Spending long hours on your feet, ill fitting shoes or neglecting to take care of your soles can lead to a multitude of issues which can affect your back, hips, knees and ankles.

Having a medical pedicure at least once a year can have a positive effect on your whole body.

During a medical pedicure we can look at the condition of your feet including your bone structure.

Your average high street salon simply cannot provide the care and high hygiene standards of a professional podiatrist.

The level of service is much greater, with private treatment rooms, exceptional hygiene standards and highly skilled foot care specialists every time you book with Finchley Foot Clinic.

What if I have diabetes?

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Diabetes sufferers need to be especially careful about protecting their feet including when it comes to treatments.

Picking where you have a treatment is your first priority as some high street salons will not have the knowledge required to treat a diabetic.

You can be assured there is little risk of infection at our specialist clinic and our podiatrists can offer advice as all are qualified to treat diabetic feet.

We also offer Diabetic foot checks which includes your peripheral blood flow and sensation using ultrasound devices.

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