Diabetic Foot-Care

Diabetes and Your Feet

Most of us know that diabetes possess some risk to our overall general foot health. But not everyone is aware of the full impact that diabetes can have. Some of the information you read from here on out may well sound disturbing (which is not our intention), but we have simply written with the hope of motivating you to keep your diabetic foot health in check at all times.

The two biggest threats to the diabetic foot:

1) Diabetic foot ulcers (usually caused by micro or macro trauma)

2) Charcot Neuropathy – which is essentially a bunch of fractured bones in the foot resulting is a majorly misshapen foot.

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Stats and Facts

Last year the NHS spent over £127 Billion dollars on health care in 2017. An entire 10% of that budget, was spent on diabetes alone.

The question many ask is, what exactly is all this money being spent on. Well let’s crunch some of these numbers down.

85% of all major amputations occurred as a direct result of diabetic foot ulcers.

To make matters worse more that 50% of people with amputations due to diabetic foot ulcers, will die within 2 years.

So the question you must be asking yourself is…. How can YOU prevent this from happening to you?

Well the simple answer is to ensure you take all the precautions necessary in managing your diabetes as effectively as possible. And when it comes to foot-care, you’ve got to be even more diligent. You should have your feet examined, at least once per annum.

Annual Foot Checks

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What Does Diabetic foot checks entail?

The two biggest risk factors that lead to ulcerations of the feet are as follows:


  • Poor peripheral blood flow (to the feet and ankles) – We use an ultrasound device to examine the elasticity of the valves in your arteries.
  • Lack of sensation/feeling in feet due to fluctuating levels in your blood sugar, causing nerve damage – We use Various devices to test the different sensations throughout your feet.