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Same Day Appointments

We’re happy to discuss your feet related issues with you over the phone and also offer you same day appointments at no extra cost.

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Monday – Friday 9.00 – 20.00

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What Makes Us So Special?
We successfully treat a wide range of feet related conditions than the competition.
We truly do pride ourselves on what we’ve been able to achieve for YOU, our customers, over the past 20 years and continue to improve on what we do.

Same Day Emergency Appointments

Unlike almost anyone else, we’re happy to squeeze you in, wherever and whenever AT NO EXTRA COST in cases where the foot pain or problem is too severe to wait.

More Than Qualified Podiatrists

We approach each problem individually and in its own uniqueness. Not using cookie cutter diagnoses and treatment methods. We’re only able to achieve this through extensive knowledge and implementation development that we continue to gain throughout the UK and abroad. In short, we keep improving, discovering and iteratting our service to better serve our patients.

5 Star Google Ratings

Real reviews from real customers. Whilst nobody is perfect, we always aim to make sure that every customer leaves satisfied with our service. We would love to here from you too.

20+ Years Experience

Feel confident knowing that your feet are in safe hands. No matter how many books you read, there are some things only experience can provide you with. Whatever foot problems you possess, the chances are, we’ve seen it all before. We know what works and what doesn’t.
Award Winning Podiatry Excellence
Allow me to introduce myself….
Margarita Taglia

Margarita Taglia

Specialist Podiatrist

Dear potential customer,

I’m sure you might be wondering what makes us so different from your ‘run of the mill’ high street Podiatrist in Finchley?

Well, that’s a fair question… so here’s the deal, straight up:

We offer a guarantee on our service. We will NEVER try to sell you on treatments you do not need, and in every case, we’ll do our very best to help you with your foot problems.

Now with that out of the way, I could spend the next few paragraphs going on about how wonderful I am (if I say so myself), having been qualified since 1999 and having read the entire foot encyclopaedia, specialising in multiple Podiatry disciplines. In case you are interested in my qualifications here’s a link to the about us page).

Over the past two decades, my team and I have travelled around the country and continent to test, learn and further develop our scope of practice to ensure that YOU get the most effective treatments possible. Especially with complex biomechanical issues.

Whether you’re an avid runner or sports person, or someone with a basic corn/nail problem, you want someone that will:

  • Assess, diagnose and treat you promptly and safely without pressure
  • Charge fairly
  • Sell you only the services you need
  • Leave you in a better state than when you entered
  • Be fully insured or qualified to treat you

You just want to be able to walk pain and anxiety free. If so… booking an appointment is pretty simple.

020 8445 8528

We’re excited to show you why we’re North London’s most sought after Podiatrist/Chiropodist.

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We offer a wide range of foot related services, including those shown below

Nails, Corns and Callus

Verruca Treatment

Diabetic Foot Care

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

Nail Surgery

Wound Care

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